Little: The Haunted (Roman)

Bentley Little: The Haunted

Dieser Text spoilert den Roman!

Julian und Claire samt ihrem Sohn James (12) und der Tochter Megan (14/15?) bilden eine normale “upper-middle class” Familie in einer Kleinstadt in New Mexico. Der Roman, in dem sie die Hauptrolle spielen, beginnt langsam: Veränderungswunsch, Haussuche, Auswahl und Kauf eines älteren Hauses, Umzug. „Little: The Haunted (Roman)“ weiterlesen


“For the sadness generated by the Dream was almost more than he could bear, a deep despair that negated everything good that had happened in his life, that wiped out the joy of his wife and his children and brought him back emotionally to that dark, dark day.

The fear was bad, but it was far preferable.
He experienced that fear now, an emotional vestige of the Dream even more lasting than the nightmare images that remained in his head. It was terror and panic and impotence and frustration, all knotted together in a single overwhelming feeling that would not got away.”

[Bentley Little, The Haunted]

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